There are many nice beach accesses for family portraits. Some of the Condominium Complexes have nice beaches. i.e. The Beach Club, Gulf Shores Plantation, and Martinique. And, many of the beach homes on West Beach Blvd. and Fort Morgan Rd also have nice areas that we can use.  But, many accommodations have crowded beaches and limited background views.

There are 5 State Park Beach Access locations that we also take advantage of.

Click the links below for Google Maps with Satellite photos.

**Check the options – ”Street View” and “Get Directions”.


BUNGALOWS – at Perdido Pass

This is the most popular photo spot on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

The beach is wide, and there are “Dunes and Sea Oats” that can be photographed in your background.

( Note: There are ordinances to protect the dunes and sea-oats. We are allowed to be 20 feet away from the sea-oats.)


ALABAMA POINT  – Beach Access

There are 3 Long Boardwalks that go to different areas.

For the extra walking:

1. There will be fewer people sharing the beach.

2. The boardwalks look nice in your photos.

3. There are also more Sea Oats.

4. There is a nice parking area

(Just South of / almost under Perdido Pass Bridge).


State Park Road 2

Turn North on State Park Road – 2, and park on the immediate left. We will meet in the parking area, and walk across Beach Blvd. to the Boardwalk that leads to the Shoreline. This location has every option: Nice boardwalk, sand fences, dunes, and shoreline.


Gulf State Park – Beach Pavilion

The Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion is the building with the curved roof that looks like it could fly in a hurricane. We take advantage of the wide beach and shoreline, and a large open sky to the North West. Nice location for  multiple families and large group poses.) Note: $5 parking fee


 Gulf State Park Fishing Pier

The Pier is my favorite location. The Dunes and Sea Oats are nice. The Shoreline is nice. There is plenty of parking. And, the structure of the pier creates some architecture in the background.


Fort Morgan State Park

The most secluded beach on the coast. Best location for everything. Turn left at the “Welcome to Fort Morgan” sign and go about 1/4 of a mile. Park about 200 feet from the end of the road. (Caution: Sand is soft, and vehicles get stuck here easily.  Park with 2 wheels on the edge of the road)